Tips and Tricks

  • Email Verifier - If you are not quite sure if you have the correct email format use this free service to see if the email is valid.
  • Factiva - want to do a quick "news run" but can't afford Dow Jones Factiva? Head to the Austin Public Library and get your card to get access to Factiva (must be an Austin resident). It has more than 26,000 sources from 159 countries in 22 languages, plus company reports and current and historical market data.
  • - Who is raising money and how much?
  • Mozenda - Web scraping software that is awesome
  • PDF to Word Converter - Need help converting Word, Excel, PowerPoint to PDF or vice versa - this site can help.
  • Serps - Free keyword rank checker
  • Similarsites - Enter in your site and it will find similar sites based on the content.
  • Virtual Private Library - From the site, "The Virtual Private Library™ is powered by Subject Tracer Bots™ that continuously search, monitor and update for custom virtual library subject(s) that are listed as an unique ontology subject tree and directory including resource utilization of blogs, wikis, listserv® and news aggregators." If you are looking for sites and information by category - check this site out.