Tools and Templates

Useful templates/sites

  • 16 Startup Metrics – Andreessen Horowitz - Do you want to know how VCs and investors look at your company? This is a fantastic set of metrics to learn and understand from the master. I put these in the template category as you could integrate these into your pitch deck, Board Meetings, and updates as appropriate.

  • 16 More Startup Metrics - Andreessen Horowitz - These 16 are focused more on business and financials and are spot on. As your business grows I recommend you have a way to automatically calculate these metrics to gauge your productivity.
  • Business Documents - Professional presentation templates for just about everything.
  • Business Model Canvas - a great tool by Strategyzer to help you walk through the key areas of your business in a structured manner.
  • FormSwift - Create and sign documents for free! Very handy resource indeed!
  • Pitch Deck - by Nextview Ventures. There are a ton of templates out there but I like this one as it takes you through a detailed how and why for each part of the pitch for two different scenarios. Another solid one is by Austin's Kip McClanahan of Silverton Partners - you can check out the ReOverThinking blog post here and download the deck here.
  • Sample Business Plans by FormSwift
  • Slideteam - Make your presentations look awesome!
  • - Fantastic site with free templates with everything from Articles of Incorporation to Term Sheets. Just email mike(at) with a brief description of the template you need.
  • Shockwave Innovations - Startup Advice & Resources from Gordon Daugherty. Videos and a ton of very useful resources. Check it out!
  • Startup Financial Model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) - by David Teton. I recommend this template as it has the three statements linked and it includes valuation and funding tabs. It is fairly easy to use and modify and helps you think about your business both in terms of an operator and investor.
  • SWOT Guide by FormSwift (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

Startup Tool Lists

  • Stacklist - The best tools to grow your startup with founder reviews.
  • Startup Stash - A curated directory of tools and resources for your startup.
  • Startup Tools - by Steve Blank. This is a very useful site. Check it out!
  • StartupToolShop - This site is dedicated to startup tools - awesome! Ratings as well!

Specific Tools

    Animated Video Maker

    • MotionDen - A better way to make a video. Create professional animated videos with the touch of a button.


    Customer Service

    Email Marketing

    File Sharing


    • Quickbooks - Easy to use and it integrates with just about everything.

    Internal Communication

    • Slack - Easy to set up and use. Awesome!

    Investor Relations

    • AngelSpan - Professional investor relations for your board, advisors, investors and key stakeholders.

    Marketing and Promotion (for your startup)

    • Startup Buffer - This company features and promotes your startup gaining valuable exposure for your company to grow.

    Password Management

    • LastPass - Do you feel like you have too many passwords to remember? Let LastPass simplify your life and remember them for you.

    Payroll and HR

    • Zen Payroll – Payroll management.
    • Zenefits – Benefits and more. Easy to use, powerful and affordable.

    Project Management

    • Smartsheet - This is a fantastic tool. So much more than just project management. Warning: It is addictive (in a good way). You will find yourself using it for everything!

    Social Media

    • Hypegrowth - Wow! This is a Twitter growth service that allows you to grow a real AND targeted Twitter following,..on autopilot.