Specific Tools

    Animated Video Maker

    • MotionDen - A better way to make a video. Create professional animated videos with the touch of a button.


    Customer Service

    Email Marketing

    File Sharing


    • Quickbooks - Easy to use and it integrates with just about everything.

    Internal Communication

    • Slack - Easy to set up and use. Awesome!

    Investor Relations

    • AngelSpan - Professional investor relations for your board, advisors, investors and key stakeholders.

    Marketing and Promotion (for your startup)

    • Startup Buffer - This company features and promotes your startup gaining valuable exposure for your company to grow.

    Password Management

    • LastPass - Do you feel like you have too many passwords to remember? Let LastPass simplify your life and remember them for you.

    Payroll and HR

    • Zen Payroll – Payroll management.
    • Zenefits – Benefits and more. Easy to use, powerful and affordable.

    Project Management

    • Smartsheet - This is a fantastic tool. So much more than just project management. Warning: It is addictive (in a good way). You will find yourself using it for everything!

    Social Media

    • Hypegrowth - Wow! This is a Twitter growth service that allows you to grow a real AND targeted Twitter following,..on autopilot.